Where are we doing the mistake

We all would have gone through this phase were we are irreversibly in love with someone and we know that they are meant for us. We just feel like the angels are blowing trumpets and your heart beats like it was thrown out and was replaced with a drums. You just flush and blush at the sight of them. The physical attraction is like strong magnetic fields. He is like the Disney prince given a life and is sent into your life. Everything is pitch perfect with him. But, we all know it is not true. It won’t last. It should be just because either one of you is faking it.
Why do you call it “fake”?
There is no more concept of pure unadulterated love. Let us be real here, you and him are just lovers, reality is a separate entity. You just feel like you and him are abducted to some other land where it is all happy and sadness and reality is a sickness that never attacks. But; when you are going to marry him, things are going to drastically change. For example, when you were in your loving phase, he would have spent the whole vacation, waiting for you and being with you. Holidays means you both have a little sweet time in a resort or may be do something both of you love. He would tell stuff like you are the reason with all the stress and pain in life that he is still going on. But, the day you get married, he will try to stay as much as he can away from house. He will just start being different. During best Bhutan holidays, he will have to go to some other country for some work.
This while logic is simple. When you were lovers, you were a wet dream and a lover’s magic. While being in love, love which is abstract noun becomes a proper noun that bounds two people whereas reality which should have been the main essence of the life, will be turned into a abstract noun. When you both get married, life is no longer you and him or her without the world. Reality is like the other word through karma will have to take place in our lives.
This is the main reason for many people filling to get divorce within one year of marriage is just simply they are just not the actual person they are when they are in love. According to psychologist they exhibit perfect characters to make them feel special and loved by other.