What Travel Will Be Like In The Future?

When technology has taken over our lives and transformed it so much, to such an extent that we can’t imagine living in a time without it. Because we have become so dependent on technology to aid us in everything that we do. We need it to fins our way across town even if we are familiar with the roads. We need it to find what the latest fashion is in town. We need it to determine something in each and every aspect of our lives. So it’s only natural that the way we travel and where we travel is also somewhat decided upon by technological advancements.

What the travel predictors have in store

One thing that most people are certain about is that in about ten years’ time when we travel to places be it an hotels in pattaya beach road or to our hotel rooms, we would not be encountering a single human being in the process. Because everything is going to be handled by robots and holographic people will be hanging out with you guiding you along the way. But what kind of existence would that be when you have to deal with only robots and holographic people. Where does you sense of emotion take you when you encounter people who can’t actually relate to something like that? Imagine you lost your puppy and are frantically looking for it, well the robot is not going to understand the desperation in your voice when you ask for help like another human being is going to.

And then they are saying that our rooms in our traditional family hotel will not look the same again. Because with technological advancements people have discovered ways of making the pillows and the showers understand exactly what we need without us having to speak a work. For example, the pillows will be having electronic devices embedded in them to massage our necks as well as wake us up in the morning. That sounds a little creepy, because it basically means you can talk to the pillow and the pillow will talk back to you. The showers on the other hand will apparently use sound technology to remove dirt from out body by agitating them. Why is it that we will be needing someone or something to scrub the dirt off our body when we have a set of perfectly functioning hands is beyond me.

And it just doesn’t stop there. There is plenty more in store for us. And while some of it is very useful in our lives, we might have to rethink the extent to which we allow technology to take over our lives.