Experience The Ocean Up Close

The experience of getting up in close with the flora and fauna species in the ocean is extremely rare, especially when it comes to getting close to these magnificent creatures in their natural environment. Some other forms of looking at the creatures found in the oceans are present such as by visiting large aquariums or organisations who keep this large creatures in confined pools, but all of these are extremely inhumane solutions as they essentially capture and impression these animals into small confined places which are always smaller than the hundreds of kilometres of oceans that these creatures are used to in their natural habitat. Experiencing the beauty of these creatures in their natural environment is extremely breath-taking and it is also free from the cruelty that is associated with the imprisonment of these creatures in small confined places, which is what many organisations around the globe are doing.

At Coral Bay Ecotours, we are aware of the injustices that is being done on the flora and fauna species found in the ocean by some large organisations which imprison these beautiful creatures, just to provide some entertainment for the masses. These creatures do not deserve to be in present in relatively small places, no matter what the purpose is. For this very purpose, we make sure that the tools that we provide in the open ocean which means that the animals are free to move in their natural habitat and, the timing of our tours is coinciding with the natural migration habits of these animals which means that they are not put in a particular place without their will. Check this link https://www.coralbayecotours.com.au/whale-watching to find out more details.

Quality and Humane Tours of the Animals in the Oceans

Our tours of the wildlife present in the oceans can be up close or from a distance. We provide a range of different tools to accommodate comfort level of different customers. We can provide a tour in which the customers can swim alongside different creatures from the ocean, or you can prepare to watch the creatures from a far, from the comfort of the boat. All our tours come with impeccable service, and you can rest assured that you will have an enjoyable time with us!

So, if you want to swim with whale sharks Ningaloo reef, then you need look no further than Coral Bay Ecotours. We provide easy and efficient service to accommodate you on these swimming tours where we provide all the necessary tools and equipment to make sure that the war is extremely safe and enjoyable for all parties involved. There are few experiences that come close to swimming alongside a magnificently large and benign creature, such as the whale shark. So, if you want to create a memory of a lifetime, then you should come to Coral Bay Ecotours and book a tour now!