Budgeting For Your Wedding Day

When planning and budgeting for their wedding, most people tend to spend most of the money on the food for the guests and they will usually have big guest lists comprising of many dozens of people they hardly know. However, this exceptional day is about you and about your relationship. For this reason, it is important that you allocate a good portion of your budget on your honeymoon as this is more or less the most important part of this celebration, your time with your new spouse. The chances are that this is going to be the one and only time in your life, or at least the last time for a long time that you will be able to spend some money on yourself because once the wedding fun and the honeymoon are over, you are going to have to start paying your bills and worrying about money all over again so you this special time in your life to choose the best and give yourself everything that you deserve and more.

Choose a place off your bucket listEvery one of us has a list of places that we have always dreamt of visiting and this is the perfect opportunity to visit one of these place. You may not get the chance or the finances to do a luxury overseas trip again so you should take your chance. You can do a google search for some of the world’s best luxury villas Seminyak has some of the most beautiful resorts in the world and they are not as expensive as you might think in comparison with some other countries. If you are looking to relax and swim, you can check out some luxury pool villas. Seminyak does have one of the most beautiful beaches in the world however if you are looking to swim and sun bathe.

Your wedding day is not something that involves a hundred other people and therefore, investing all of your money on throwing a party for other people is not necessary. Most people throw an expensive wedding party simply because everyone else does it and they feel obliged to invite everyone that they have ever met from long distance relatives to neighbours that you have not spoken to in years but the sad truth is, in the middle of all the spending, the needs of the most important people in the mix, those of you and your spouse are often overlooked. Instead, choose to throw a small private party for family and close friends.