Booking An Accommodation For Corporate Stay- Things To Ask

Going on a business trip for two or three days? You may book a room in a hotel with business friendly supports and amenities and perhaps some basic entertainment features. But what if you are on a trip for a couple of weeks and or months? Or, you have to extend the stay term for few more days or weeks.

What would you do? Rent out a hotel room night after night, get bored in that suit and create a hole in your pocket? The best solution is to book corporate accommodation in Cooma. Here you can get affordable accommodation with homely environment and extend your stay without any tension.

But before choosing a corporate housing, have a question-answer session with your service provider.

  • Is it a House or condominium or apartment Many accommodation features vary depending on the type of the accommodation. Is there any landlord who will fix malfunctioning basins or leaky faucets? Which amenities are included in utility bill? Pets allowed or not.
    • Furnished or Not

      It is rather a vital issue depending upon the tenure of your stay. If you are staying for a long term, you may need your own stuff as per your comfort, such as bedding, desk, laundry bag, utensils etc. If accommodation Cooma motel by Altair is furnished (in most of the cases), it is easy to create it as own nest. You can bring portable table tamp, books, knickknacks if you want.

      • ‘Lease’ Time

        For a long term stay, it is important to ask the exact ‘lease’ term. Many corporate rentals give service based on monthly lease and some on weekly. Choose according to your time schedule and stay period.

        • Amenities package

          Almost all corporate housings provide kitchen with appliances. Ask about the package before renting and customize accordingly. In a package the gym and meals might get included, but you may not need these. Hence, eliminate these and pay for those utilities that you require. Service providers may or may not include furniture, utilities, linens, kitchen stuffs, gym, meals, private bathroom, laundry, transportation or internet facilities. Ask all questions.

          • Is there any Property manager?Generally, service providers have their own staff to deal with client issues. In case of private houses, a property manager may not always be present, and in such case, you have to ask to the owner directly about issues. In serviced apartments or condominiums, staff handles all ins and outs regarding vacancies, maintenance issues, rent collections and customers.
            • Insurance Are accidents and mishaps included in your rental package? Ask the service provider about this. If any appliance starts malfunctioning during your stay, do you have to pay the repair cost separately or it is attached with the rent charge? Clear all these confusions.