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Things To Do In Melbourne

Life could get dull sometimes and in order to make it colorful you need to take the break. You need something different from your work or home. Melbourne is the best place where you can have the natural beauty and enjoy your life to its maximum. Melbourne offers some of the best places in whole Australia like there is a maze and that maze has up to 1200 rose flowers. When you go there, the scent of roses will be every where and you will just love it. Moreover, the maze is in circular shape, it’s the first maze in the world to be in circular shape called Ashcombo Maze. In Mornington Peninsula, there are Lavender Gardens filled with flowers and the view of the field is just amazing. What if you are looking for something more? Then, there are strawberry farms, where you will able to pick fresh strawberries and we guarantee that the taste you are going to have there will have no comparison.  

If you want to relax your body in warm water, then you can go to Peninsula Hot Springs which has warm water and the temperature is above 30 degrees. It is so calming and relaxing that you would just forget all of your worries and tensions of your life. Just go there and dive in to water for like 20 to 30 minutes and it will be like the beautiful moments of your life. If you are looking forward to Dolphins and seals then you can also enjoy the view of them. They will be right in front of you and you would just love the scene. There are times that come in life in which you should have a break and Melbourne is the best place for you because of the things that it offers to you and the options that you have available.  

The other best place in Melbourne is mount buller ski packages where you will have a number of options and offers to avail. It is the best spot for you and your partner and if you don’t have a partner then you can go with your friends and see the beauty of the nature more clearly and closely. We happen to offer you some of the best ski packages in Mount Buller. There is no doubt that this place has lot to offer but if you don’t ski there then it is no fun. We have a variety of packages available for you and lot of amazing offers. We are sure that you will find something interesting. For more information, please log on to



Make Your Event A Raging Success With Cammeray Waters

Located near Woodened village in the Macedon Ranges known to be the most magnificent place to explore the beautiful Macedon Ranges. From corporate conferences and memorable birthdays to magical weddings Cammeray Waters is the perfect place to accommodate all type of in a stylish fashion. Not only our site is perfect to celebrate weddings but also the party can continue till the next morning being served with different delicacies. 
The Perfect Wedding Venue 
Let Cammery Waters glorious decorations and management weave its magic on over you and your big day. Surrounded by greenery and glittering water makes it the ideal spot to arrange weddings, After all, Our wedding is one of the most magnificent day of our life so it is natural we would want everything to be picture perfect while we are making the vows. Not only a good venue makes the wedding feel much more overwhelming but also it is essential to take magnificent pictures which you can cherish for years to come with your loved one and look back onto that magical day. All of this may be sounding like something right out of a movie but our team ensures nothing is missed out and planned professionally every step by combining each and every detail you tell with our creative decorations and innovative ideas to make the day feel more special and turn your fairytale into a reality.  
Wedding Menu  
When we are usually looking for a wedding venues in Macedon Ranges one of the most essential things we look out for is the menu they can provide and what kind of services they can cater to. Our management makes sure that we adjust according to and meet your requirements whether it is a formal sit-down or a cocktail setting. Our menu is creatively chosen according to the requirements of our customers and we provide the finest quality wine available in the country to make you feel even more delighted with its superior taste. Our team makes sure that we take care of every single thing throughout the event so you can fully enjoy yourself without any worries. So If you have been looking for a venue right from your dreams then Cammeray Waters is just the place for you.  
The ideal corporate conference venue 
When arranging a large-scale meeting or a conference it can be difficult to find a place which looks professional and beautiful at the same time, Specially for corporate meetings a good venue can leave a lasting impression on the client and assist you into getting your desired deal. Cammeray Waters provides one of the best  corporate conference venues with everything up to the mark, Situated just an hour away from Melbourne. Our venue provides all the required equipment in order to proceed with the meetings. We offer fine dining in a country style setup with a breathtaking view and our culinary experts preparing meals for the guests to enjoy. So whether you are looking for a wedding venue or a corporate conference venueCammeray Waters is the place for you to go to create long lasting memories. hotel-accomodate